The Important Integrity In A Painting: Format And Subject

One of the most important things about an artist is how well they can interpret their work of art and how well the viewers can interpret the story behind their painting. There is a lot that goes behind the colours that are splashed on the canvas. Hence the right interpretation of the artwork is essentially what the artist desires the most. Painting is not just about colours, it also about how you can give forms and textures to the artwork and how you strategise the placement of the elements on the canvas. All of this makeup to form the composition of the painting. This is what brings us to the most important question of this article – what is more important to an artist in a painting – the format of the painting or the subject in the painting?

When we talk about the format of a painting it does not just mean talking about the size of the canvas or the piece of art paper. One need not restrict themselves to certain sizes just because that is the standard size of the canvas of art sheet that you are supposed to use. See what your painting is going to be about and also strategise how big the sizes of the elements in the painting will be, and how you will fit them all in one frame. No one size is the perfect size for building up the composition of the painting. You can find some amazing paintings and portraits on instapainting if you looking to order some or want to take a idea of a perfect painting.

Aforementioned, the size is just one of the main things in a painting but not the most important, what matters most is the subject in it. Once you have confirmed on the subject of the painting, only then can you move ahead with the painting.

So how do you decide on the format of your painting? We have come in three distinct types of format that can best describe the format of your painting.

  • The Horizontal Format: The horizontal format is usually used in making landscape paintings. The allow the onlookers to move their eyes across the painting without making effort to move the eyes up and down. In simple words, they give a panoramic view of the painting.
  • The Vertical Format: The vertical format is distinctly common among portrait paintings. In this kind of painting, the viewers are encouraged to move their eyes up and down depending on the height of the painting.
  • The Square Format: This format for paintings is not much common until one wants to focus on only one object such as a fruit, a vase of flowers. It is commonly used when one paints abstract or makes geometrical patterns. It gives a balanced impression of the painting.

So, whatever format you choose for your painting, you have to make sure that you first decide on the subject matter of the painting, only then can you finalise the format of the painting. If you feel the canvas of the painting is unconventional don’t be afraid, go ahead with it. The more challenging the work may be, the more you will be happy when the results will be as desired.

Another very important thing about artwork is the kind of spacing you give among the elements in the painting. The kind of spacing helps to understand the relationship between the different elements in the painting. For example, if you are painting a busy street you don’t need to go with the regular horizontal format, what is important is how you determine the painting and what is it that you want to covey. So in this case, what will work is your understanding of spacing among the many elements in the busy streets. If that is a great endeavour for you and you cannot figure out how to place the elements in the painting, you will be seriously disappointed with the end result. Tell us what you think about this topic and share your thoughts with us on the importance of format and subject matter in a painting. Happy Painting!

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