Dream Spa Razor 3814 Oval Rainfall Shower Head Review

The oval shape dream spa razor 3814 rainfall showerhead is an efficient one that comes with a satisfying performance. It’s simple yet unique design gives better quality. This one is a ten-inch showerhead which you will surely be going to admire and make it a complete necessity in your household.

Why this dream spa razor 3814 shower head is a perfect choice, you’ll get to know from the features and performance which are discussed below.

Main features

  • In this today’s competitive market, every brand wants to come with the best features that could make its brand outstanding.
  • Therefore, the dream spa razor, in order to provide best services provides a consistent water spray in any given water pressure.
  • This can be the best feature since it can use the low-flow water into a satisfactory high-pressure spray.
  • The interior nozzles are designed in such a way that it lessens any possibility of mineral and scales build-up that can affect the showerhead in the long run.
  • The multi-pattern showerhead comes with a stunning steady flow rate which is best for rinsing and bathing alongside, also makes it easy to use due to its comfortable setting.
  • This will save ninety percent of the water that could flow to waste without being used.
  • Using this kind of showerhead can actually give you a better shower experience because of the perfect pressure-balancing valve installed to deliver water to the shower heads.
  • With these specific kinds of showerheads, you can adjust to fit any angle of your choice. So, you can use it from any position and get the maximum performance.
  • Daily cleaning and inspection also become easy with the set of master nozzles that are designed for this purpose only.

Dream Spa Razor 3814 Oval Rainfall Shower Head

Benefits that you will surely enjoy

  • For an outstanding shower experience, you can go for a dream spa razor 3814 which is worth spending money and the best one to opt.
  • The incorporated high-intensity flow technology gives an additional insight of necessary requirements, build quality and acceptable in terms of service provision and not much on the outer appearance.
  • In order to conserve more and more water, no other product can beat this showerhead. Thus, this is the best showerhead in terms of both economic and environmental reasons.
  • The dream spa razor showerhead provides an ideal flow rate of 2-2.5 gallons of water per minute.
  • It’s easy to install feature makes it the best user-friendly showerhead on the market. You just need to unscrew the old one and screw the new one.
  • This should be done with extra care in order to avoid any form of leakage. Wrap a small piece of thread and then cover it with a Teflon tape for a stronger installation.
  • For extra safety and fair services don’t fight with the wing nut while rotating either in the clockwise direction or in the anti-clockwise direction.


A quality product will always give its best and fulfill your expectations and might change your desires to lifetime attainments.

A dream spa razor 3814 shower head is an excellent and reasonable service provider. Enjoy the benefits of having this showerhead in your bathroom.

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